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This plan of Castledykes was done by General Roy, the founder of the modern Ordnance Survey. Roy came from Carluke and whilst in the British Army save the importance of decent maps. Roy was also interested ......more


Pont`s Map The Pont Map shows how Lanark looked in 1596. This was the Lanark of William Lithgow`s youth. The Tolbooth is the building with arches. The ports or gateways are shown as arches.


Map of Europe at the time of the Thirty Years War (1618-48). William Lithgow was fortunate to avoid being either in Germany or the Holy Roman Empire as this was was the most bloody European War up to ......more


This plan of Castledykes was done by General Roy , the founder of the modern Ordnance Survey Division. Roy came from Carluke and whilst in the British Army , he saw the importance of maps. Roy was also ......more


This week we are going to be looking at he Roman Fort at Castledykes which was the most important fort in the central belt of Scotland. It lay on the route East to West and North to South. It was quite ......more


Lanark`s Treasures This weeks article is about the treasures of Lanark of which there are many. However I will not cover every single one, but some well known and some not so well known. Lanark’s ......more


Pont`s Map of Lanark 1596 To appreciate Lanark`s oldest treasure it is as well to start with the Pont Map of 1596. What the map is valuable for is giving us an idea of the layout of Lanark in the time ......more


The Castle of today can be seen to best effect from the air, so an aerial view is included. Unfortunately the view of the Castle as compared to forty years ago is compromised by too many developments being permitted in its proximity.


Shieldhill Forest Map This map of 1816 is more detailed than Roy`s. Also shows that neighbouring Huntfield was gaining in importance. It also seems that the Chancellors had expanded their designed landscape ......more


St Kentigern`s has the unique situation of being the only Scottish Burgh Church that was built outside the Medieval Core. Really in a normal Medieval Burgh St Nicholas would have been the Parish Church. ......more


Ordnance Survey map of Roberton This map is reproduced courtesy of the Ordnance Survey Division. It shows the location of the Motte at Roberton.


Fallburn The plan of Fallburn is courtesy of the Royal Commission of Ancient Monuments Scotland. The plan shows the presence of a stone wall in the interior suggesting Fallburn was probably connected ......more


This is an aerial view of Fallburn, which is the double ditched enclosure on the way up Tinto. It has been assigned to the Iron Age, however I am unsure that necessarily is correct. Why I am of this view, ......more


Roy Map 1755 This Roy Map of 1755 Courtesy of the British Library seems to indicate the possibility of a bailey lying to the west of Lanark Castle in Castlebank Park. Lanark given its importance would ......more


Map from Woods Town Atlas 1822 This map from Woods Town Atlas of 1822 gives us a good idea of Medieval Lanark with the Castlegate and the Bloomgate running up to Lanark High Street. All these areas ......more


Ordnance Survey Maps These Ordnance Survey Maps courtesy of the National Library of Scotland give some idea of the layout of the Castle.

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