43 High Street, Lanark
These are photos in connection with 43 High Street, Lanark. This house is threatened with demolition to create additional car parking. It is actual Common Good property and there seems to have been little consultation as to its sale and preservation. Parts of this building date back to the 17th century. Pity it was not sold as a house - underneath the harling are features both of 17th/18th century. Lugless Will may have known this house

Comment by Richard Eliott Lockhart:
I have read all the responses to this post carefully - and in a way agree with all of them. They are all good points in regard to Lanark`s heritage and "historic" buildings. Just to put things in perspective regarding this building and it`s proposed demolition to make additional space for parking and a Public space for shows/ fairs - The building has been available for purchase - OR some usage for donkeys years. No takers for ANY purpose - so what to do with it? One of Lanark`s biggest problems is town centre parking. Currently almost all town centre free parking is taken up by the shop workers to the detriment of visitors and potential shoppers in the high street. Footfall is vital to the survival of the High Street. This , together with other recent initiatives is all part of trying to encourage more visitors to Lanark and the High Street. More parking is part of this strategy. I`m sure we`d all like to keep as much of the town`s heritage alive as possible - but the evidence of decay is all around us . In the end it comes down to money or philanthropy - OR both. Well over the last few decades - both have been absent . So what next? - let these structures continue to rot - OR try and improve the overall picture and attraction of Lanark as a thriving tourist destination ? Parking is not. Those making the historic heritage point should look around and ask themselves who else will ride to the rescue of these rotting buildings in the absence of money.
I personally love to keep as much of the past heritage alive as is sensibly possible. However where it involves maintaining "out of sight " rotting structures such as 43 in case someone , some time comes along with the money for some use - I.e and watch it fall down more - over the next 25 years - I think the current proposals are an intelligent use of the land to increase and improve the parking facilities of the town.

Comment by Clydesdale`s Heritage:
I have just replied to Councillor Richard Loclkhart`s comment about there being no takers for this property. The museum were interested but the decision to take forward the demolition idea was taken forward. Also there has to te est of my knowledge no advert in the Gazette about it. Perhaps somebody would have bought it. Anyway it would make a good house with its enclosed garden

Comment by Richard Patterson:
why cant it be sold then turned into a house/workshop? if its a common good building who would be responsible for selling it? community council?
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Karen Templeton
Why us more parking needed, the way things are going the hugh street will be a barron area with only takeaways and hairdressers
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Albert Crutcher
Pity about the damn pebble dash disguise!
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George Anderson
It’s no been a house in my time. What part is from the 1600’s? If it’s common good land and it’s becoming parking then it’s still common good land but with cars on top?
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Alan Bingham
No be like the common good stuff going to wreck and ruin
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Ian Wilson Leitch
A lost opportunity. With a bit of imagination the building could have had a future as an artists hub/ traditional craft centre.
A serious reimagining of derelict buildings/ neglected areas to the rear of Lanark`s historic Closes is urgently needed.
The Tolbooth will be hosting an fascinating photography exhibition shortly based on the Lanark Closes
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Comment by Margaret Mc Bride re 43 high Street:
My grandmother was born in this house 43 high street in 1908. Her parents were from Ranafast Co Donegal Ireland. I often heard her speak of the wonderful house and town of lanark. So very sad to hear it cannot be saved. Het name was Rose O Donnell and this house was a very happy home and loved and cared for until the family returned to Ireland. Xx