This is part of the 19th century monument set up to the Covenanters. Basically the Covenanters were deeply opposed to the fact that the Stuart monarchy wanted to control the way the Protestant Church was run in Scotland . Charles I inflamed things when he tried to impose both an English prayer book and Bishops on the people of Scotland. Cromwell did not attempt to do this and everything was quite till the 1680`s when again the English tried to impose control once more. This led to a bitter civil war with no holds barred.
This monument was set up to those that suffered in the Lanark area who supported the Covenanters . Their struggle came to an end with the arrival of William III in 1688. However William III bought peace but he did not remit the fines instead he made the Covenanters pay their fines.
Finally my mother`s family the Blomfields of Dedham near Colchester were also involved in the struggle for religious emancipation . They belonged to a fairly extreme Puritan movement called the Dedham Classis , they were persecuted by Charles I. Some of them including the Shermans who were married into my mother`s family left for America. However my mother`s family joined up with Cromwell. So I do have some understanding of the Covenanters cause but they were responsible for atrocities as well as the Government forces.