Gallery of Pictures


Rootpark, Wilsontown This picture of Rootpark, Wilsontown was published by J. Gibson, Wilsontown in 1905. The writer of the card stated the weather was cold for July. They had cycled 200 miles a week ......more


Douglas Castle Could this solitary tower mark the site of the Castle of the early Middle Ages. This could only be resolved by excavation. There are however significant problems as this tower dates to ......more


This is a photograph taken by A.W. McBain of Douglas prior to the demolition of Douglas Castle. The chapel at the side was the last part to go. Various bits relating to the Castle are preserved in the ......more


The sword blade in the picture could have belonged to the Good Sir James Douglas except for the writing and the engravings which belong to the late 16th/early 17th century. It is a more realistic sword ......more


This rather ornate capital shows just how magnificent the earliest church belonging to the Douglas family really was. It is a typical product of what is known as the 12th century Renaissance. In Europe ......more


This is the picture of the tomb of James 7th Earl of Douglas (nicknamed the Gross) and his wife Lady Beatrice Sinclair. She was connected to the Sinclair family from the Orkneys. Sir James only held ......more


This is a picture of the hearts in the floor of Douglas church. There is some argument over the heart of the Good Sir James Douglas. In Hutchinson and MacFeat`s history of Douglasdale, it is suggested ......more


Archibald Fifth Earl of Angus This illustration comes out of McGibbon & Ross`s book on the Ecclesiastical Architecture of Scotland Volume II 1896. The picture shows the tomb of Archibald Fifth Earl ......more


This is a view of the Lady Home Hospital in Douglas which was taken in 1928. After this time a number of alterations were made to it. Thought it was appropriate to show it. Clydesdale`s Heritage has ......more


This is the famous gardeners gate at Douglas Castle. This photo of it was taken in 1928. Is this gate still in existence and where is it?


This is a view of Douglas Bowling Green in 1928. Anybody know anything about the club then. The last time I visited the club was for a cup of tea and sandwich after one of the Conventicles of the Cameronians.


The Tolbooth/Sun Inn This is one of the more interesting buildings in the vicinity off the church. It is a fine example of a crow stepped building. This term refers to both ends of the roof. This idea ......more


This is a picture of a street scene in Douglas c.1890. It comes from Hutchison and MacFeat`s book on Douglas. In the background some of the houses are still thatched.


This is the memorial to James Earl of Angus who began the raising of the Cameronian regiment in Douglas on May 14th 1689. The organising of the Cameronians was however done by William Cleland, who had ......more


This is an unusual view of Tinto from Lamington. It shows how Tinto dominates the whole area. It is on this side of Tinto that Fatlips Castle is to be found. Remains of this castle are to be found above ......more


This is a Carte de Visite produced by Archibald Rogers in his studio in the High Street, Lanark. The date of this would be about 1880-1890. It is an unusual picture of small children who are not often the subject of a Carte de Visite.

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