Gallery of Pictures


Clydesdale Inn - Original Wall Decoration This is a view of some of the original wall decoration of the Assembly Rooms.


Clydesdale Inn, Back Stairs This is a view of the back stair from the Assembly Room area. I am working from memory here. The Assembly Room was added in the late Georgian period as a place for dancing. ......more


Clydesdale Inn Roof This is another view of the Clydesdale`s roof. These timbers are probably ones of the time the Clydesdale was built back in the 1780`s. The chimney stack is also visible in this photo.


Clydesdale Inn window This is a view from one of the bedrooms. The layout of the dormer windows is part of the original design and some of the original window glass is still in position. The imperfections ......more


The Clydesdale Hotel This is a view of the roof of the Clydesdale Inn and one feature is the reuse of 17th century Baltic Pine for the roofing. The original purpose of the numbering was a check to ensure ......more


Military Convoy This is a picture of a military convoy in Ethiopia. Colonel Sandy Cranstoun of Corehouse was involved in the occupation of Ethiopia in 1941. Peter Whyman joined the Embassy staff in ......more


One of the things that Peter enjoyed was wandering around Ethiopia, He liked observing the local people and was a frequent visitor to the market in Addis Ababa. He also went into the countryside to observe ......more


It was in Sicily that the Battery saw its first military action. It was here that they came up against the Germans who killed a number of the Battery. It was with some relief that the fighting around ......more


Lanark at War Found this amongst some old photos that had been stored in a hard drive in a redundant server. I think this must have been taken either at the Copper Mines in Taiwan or near the Death ......more


Lanark at War I would reckon that this would be a group of Home Guard Personnel. In World War II miners were exempt from war service and of course farmers would be as well. Further information on this photo would be useful


Lanark at War These gentlemen look like recruits for the Home Guard perhaps in 1940. The previous photo of the Home Guard was probably taken in 1941 when better equipment was available.


The drawing of the mules shows how difficult transportation was in the Anzio Campaign. This picture of the mules illustrates the point.


Going was incredibly hard and this photo illustrates the problem facing the 156th in the Italian Campaign. The winter rains really slowed down the advance through Italy.


Major Batey Major Batey was one of the prominent casualties in 156th Battery during the push for Rome. Indeed the book about 156th Battery is dedicated to him. He died on 25th May 1944 near La Fossa during the battle for Rome.


After seven months in the Middle East, 156th Battery were in the thick of it. The photo shows the armoured advance on the Elbe. This was the last major action prior to V.E. Day. After peace had been ......more


This is a picture of the young Peter Whyman. Many people will remember Peter Whyman from the early days of New Lanark. Peter and his wife bought and did up one of the houses in New Lanark. Peter came ......more

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