Gallery of Pictures


The final picture of Carnwath Golf Course is of the original nine hole course. Note the golf course did not include the land near Carnwath House.


This is a view of Carnwath Public School which took all pupils up to the age of 14 before becoming a Primary School. It was built in 1814 with the classrooms om the ground floor originally and the head ......more


This is a pre World War II school photograph of the older pupils. It was taken in 1939 by a company called Scholastic Souvenirs of Blackpool. Can anybody name any of the pupils in this photograph?


This picture includes Cornet Walter Elliot Lockhart from 1919. He has the distinction of being the only M.P. to have been chosen as Cornet.


This is a picture of members of the Annan family who were Town Clerks of Lanark. There is no other family that served Lanark in this way.


This is a view of the Lanimer Procession in 1905. In the background can be seen the chimney of the Tannery. This picture has fantastic detail of the procession. Probably taken from the Co-op building now Oxfam.


This photograph was taken by the firm Rogers & Co photographers of the Lanimers in 1906. This card was then posted to John Wardrop of Shellburn in Sullivan County, Indiana.


This is a photo of girls in bonnets along with young boys dressed up as Cameronians. The date is 1956 and the Cameronians were in the Winston Barracks at this time. However they were often abroad particularly at Minden in Germany.


This is an interesting comment on football of the 1930`s. It was in 1932 that the first World Cup took place, which was won by Uruguay. In those days long socks were the order of the day plus heavy leather ......more


This is a float showing the Brownies. Possible date late 1920`s/early 1930`s. Photographed at St Leonard`s Street. Photographer unknown.


This is a very early float possibly pre world war I in St Leonard`s Street. The photo was by Rogers & Co.


This is another postcard from the 1911 Lanimers showing a float carrying fairies just outside Kildare which in the 19th century was known as Browns Square.


This float dates to 1911. It was sent to a Miss Jean Legg at Gosport. Perhaps there is a naval connection here. B. Purdie who writes the card does not do any real justice to the girls on the float as their ......more


This is a World War I Lanimer card showing a group of children and adults gathered under the watchful eye of William Wallace. The inscription say `Scotland Today is Proud of Her Sons`.


This card showing the Lanimer Procession in 1905. This card is interesting in that it records that the picture was taken by Rogers and Co at 98 and 100 |High Street, Lanark. It was sent by Bessie to Mr ......more


This card also relates to Lanimer day 1930 but is of two of the maids of honour. Anybody any idea who these girls were?

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