Gallery of Pictures


This will be a trip down memory lane for some - a Station at Carnwath! One could easily get a train from Carnwath to Edinburgh in the old days. All that was altered was the Beeching Cuts. Date c.1910-1920. ......more


This is a view of the metal work shop which lay to the rear of the Tolbooth. These people seem to be able to turn their hand to anything.


St Mary`s Aisle This is a great photo of St Mary`s Aisle. It was extensively renovated in the 1860`s when the present church was constructed. Photo from Jimmy Henderson Collection.


This is an interesting card of World War I. This patriotic card was sent in 1915 from Agnes of Westshield to Private James Aitken who was stationed in Egypt.


This is a view of the cross as Carnwath with building behind. The cross base is probably Medieval bu the rest of the cross dates to the early 19th century with distances on it to various places including Edinburgh.


This is a picture of the Carnwath Gala Parade of 1905. This Gala included decorated bikes. In the early 20th century there was a fashion for such parades for example in 1913 for first motor show organised ......more


This is a great view of the Cross at Carnwath with the Tolbooth. This view was taken in the mid 1920`s. The Tolbooth which dated back to the early 16th century was demolished in 1929. It was a pity that ......more


This view reproduced by permission of RCHMAS (now HES) is of Carnwath House when it was still intact. If one looks at Canmore, one can see the remains of the stone tower that was erected in the 16th century ......more


This is a card of the early 20th century of Couthally Castle. Not even as much as can be seen in this photograph survives today.


This is the second article which was published last week. Carnwath part 2 There is much more to the history of the castles and the tolbooth. Indeed it could be said of Carnwath that is an amazing ......more


This is an aerial shot of the Motte at Carnwath and bailey area can be seen. It is however severely damaged by the golf course. The Motte itself is undoubtedly one of the best of its type in the South ......more


The Motte has always been a feature of the power of the Sommerville`s, who were lords of Carnwath for almost 450 years. Access to it in the old days must have been by a wooden staircase. On the top of ......more


This is a view taken in 1929 of the demolition of the Tolbooth . It clearly shows the old 16th century vaulted basement. This picture is courtesy of the Biggar Museum Trust.


This is a print of Couthally Castle as it looked in the early 19th century. It is out of an interesting book called the Sommerville Memorie. This out of print book is a very useful source of information. ......more


This is a view of Carnwath House which was taken in May 1928. It was demolished in 1970. The oldest part which was possibly a tower was constructed in the Sommerville era to be followed by major alterations ......more


This is a distant view of the original Club House at Carnwath.

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