Gallery of Pictures


This is an aerial view of Carstairs. The site of the Castle is in the field on the right at the far end of the Village.


This is a picture of some of the vaulting from the mid 15th century church of St Mary, Carstairs. Note that it is upside down and has the stone roof of the church. It seems from the fragments of masonry ......more


This is a silver bowl presented by the Fullerton family when the present church was opened in 1795.


This is an interesting picture from Carstairs c.1900. It shows the girls all with their tambourines. Anybody got information on this one? Sunday School?


This is an old pump from Henderson`s Garage. No litres here, Imperial Gallons. Date of the pump 1950`s?


This is a view of a dead Henderson`s bus behind the old garage. An archaeological artefact in its own right!


This is the Ross map of 1773. Not as good as Roy but it is clearer than Roy which is a bit cluttered. Courtesy of the National Library of Scotland.


This is the angel of Carstairs as it used to look. Unfortunately taking down the original has not done it favours. Needs to be taken inside the church if this is possible for conservation. Date maybe early 18th century but could be wrong.


This is a First World War memorial inside the Parish Church at Carstairs. Curiously enough it mentions the survivors as well as the dead. Not seen this anywhere else. However there might be others that I do not know about.


This a rather fine entry for the Biggar Gala of 1909. The horse and cart are amazingly well decorated. The gala was probably held on July 26th which is the date given on the back of the card but unfortunately ......more


This is a view of the Club House at Carnwath. It was on the South side of the road. The date of the Clubhouse is 1907. It was at this date the course was opened by Lady Lockhart wife of Sir Simon Lockhart ......more


This picture shows excavation work in progress on the site of the gate house. Nothing of this gatehouse existed above ground. It is probably earlier in date than the two towers at the front which date ......more


A collection of early 20th century cards showing the Carnwath Gala. The earliest of these is the 1903 Cycle parade.


This is a picture of an old thatched house which may have been a pottery. The pots are in the window. The location of this old house was near Gormley`s Garage. Date of photo possibly pre 1900. Photo from Jimmy Henderson collection.


This picture shows two gravestones placed against the wall of the Church. The one on the right is probably of Sir John Sommerville. The story is below and it is probably the best fit regarding and early ......more


This is a picture of a bakers premises? It is supposed to be in Carnwath. The picture is about 1900 - 1905. Personally I think it is more likely that the barrels and this is confirmed by the barrels on ......more

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