Gallery of Pictures


When the Parish Church tower, Lesmahagow was built, this inscription was placed above the door recording the building of the Priory in 1140. That year is the traditional year for the foundation of the Burgh of Lanark.


This is a view of the walkway around the cloister of the priory. Several bodies were found in the walkway, which suggests a post Reformation use. Also some Medieval glass was found. The cloister is unusual ......more


This name is given to the area that was used underneath the dormitory for the laybrother. In the undercroft grain and other food plus drink would be kept. In another part wool would be kept that had been ......more


This is the Cellarium which lay under the refectory for the priory. The cellarium was the place where the beer and wine was kept prior to being served in the refectory above. The cellarium was probably ......more


This is a side view of Lesmahagow parish church as it is today. It probably stands directly on top of the priory church. Some of the priory stones were reused in the tower. I saw these when I climbed the ......more


This is one of the Caledonian Railway workers houses possibly Strawfrank Road, Carstairs Junction.


This is Carstairs Junction Primary School. The photograph was taken on 2nd March, 1906 for J. Jackson, Stationer in Carnwath. The teacher is at the back on the right.


This is a postcard looking South down Strawfrank Road, Carstairs Junction. The road does not look in good shape in this picture. Also one of two of the children have no shoes. Often people forget just ......more


This is a view of Smiths the bakers in Carnwath. They provided a service over a wide area.


This is a picture of Smiths the Bakers horse drawn van crossing the Clyde at Lampits near Carstairs Junction. This was a chain driven crossing of the Clyde and n regular use in the early 1900`s.


This shows part of Carstairs Station being demolished on April 27th 1913. Part of the buildings were retained, however the big roof which dated back to the time when Carstairs became a station for the ......more


This is one of the engines that belonged to the Caledonian Railway Company at Carstairs Junction. Many trains were repaired and serviced at Carstairs, which could be described as a major hub.


This is another picture of a train at Carstairs. Notice that it has LMS on it. London Midland and Scottish, I believe came into being in 1923. It effectively took over a number of companies including the ......more


This is a Caledonian Railway engine at Carstairs. Again it has been converted to being part of the fleet of engines belonging to London Midland and Scottish. They operated at Carstairs till the trains were nationalised after World War II.


This is a general view of Carstairs goods yard and railway sheds.


This is a view of a Caledonian Express service train which ran from London to Glasgow. The date of the card is pre World War I c.1910 posted 1912. It is a Tuck`s post card. The engine & tender carried 5,000 gallons of water and six tons of coal.

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