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This is a picture of the Thankerton Toll. In the days before the railways, money was raised for road maintenance through levying tolls. This toll house is typical of its sort having windows facing up an ......more


Townhead, Thankerton from the Station This is a nice view of the Station building at Thankerton with the adjacent signal box. The card dates to about 1905. Notice the advert for the Central Hotel now being open.


This is a great card showing the facilities at Thankerton Station that included a goods yard plus a place to put water in a train`s boiler. Also there is what appears to be local train coming through the station.


Millbrae from the Station, Thankerton This is a picture taken in October, 1918 of Thankerton Station. The station was opened in 1848 and closed in 1965. The line of course is still open and the station survives as a private house.


This is a view of the Boat Bridge at Thankerton, damaged the other day and so is temporarily closed while the parapet is being fixed. The bridge itself dates to 1775 being built by local cash to facilitate trade between Biggar and Lanark.


This is an interesting card dating to 8th July 1911. It was issued to mark the unveiling of the monument to the Covenanter Donald Cargill. Donald Cargill was one of the prominent leaders of the Covenanters. ......more


Carmichael House This is a front view of Carmichael House with the two 18th century wings. It is the curved gables which are so typical of contemporary Prussian design. In the 18th century in history, ......more


This card was sent from Thankerton in 1931. The thirties were a period when many of the thatched cottages in Lanarkshire began to disappear. Some of them dated back to the 17th/18th centuries. The floor ......more


This drawing is courtesy of the Royal Commission of Ancient Historical Monuments Scotland. It was based on a photograph of Carmichael House prior to demolition. The house was left unfinished in 1767.It ......more


This is a nice view down Station Road in Thankerton. This is one of the views done of Thankerton in October 1928.


This is an interesting picture of the honey producers of Carmichael c.1905. I do not think that there are that many cards relating to the production of honey. These may have something to do with James ......more


This is a card of Hazel Bank, the Home of Fruit, Lesmahagow which at one time was in Machanshire. This was an area of Clydesdale that included Hazel Bank and Crossford. The name Crossford is linked with ......more


This is a view of the Old Mill on the Nethan, Lesmahagow which lies underneath the modern M74 motorway. It was going to be restored about forty years ago but unfortunately this never happened. The Mill ......more


This programme goes along with the very unusual commemorative card of a Primary School play by the children of Carmichael Primary in 1907. Such a performance reflects the Nationalism Prevalent in Britain ......more


Sir Windham Charles James Carmichael, Anstruther Liberal Politician, M.P. for South Lanarkshire 1874-1880. Born 1825 - died 1898.


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