Gallery of Pictures


Fireplace - Shieldhill This is a lovely fireplace with a collection of Delft tiles. They are a mixture of 17th and early 18th century tiles.


Dutch Tiles - Shieldhill These are some of the fine Delft tiles from the fireplace with tiles. They were not originally for this fireplace.


Dutch Tiles - Shieldhill These are some of the fine Delft tiles from the fireplace with tiles. They were not originally for this fireplace.


West Facade - Shieldhill This was altered in 1820 when the round entrance with the door was removed. This facade was created between 1806 and 1820. The castellated effect was added in the 1820`s. Comment ......more


Old Floor - Shieldhill This is a view of the original 17th century floor of the section which was part of the tower. The beams are roughly cut.


20th Century Fireplace - Shieldhill This is one of the nicest fireplaces in Shieldhill. I reckon that it dates to about 1913, when some alterations were made to Shieldhill.


Livornia - Shieldhill This bell was placed on the roof probably after Sir Nathaniel Dunlop in 1898. Livornia is the port of Pisa on the West Coast of Italy. What is the connection with the bell and ......more


Biggar Common This is a picture of people walking on Biggar Common West.


The following Lanimer material, I have been sent from Trish Rucklidge several months ago but have not had time to put on the site. First up is a picture of a Councillor who was a Lord Cornet. I do not ......more


Lanimer Float Presume this is a picture of the Lanimer Procession in the late 50`s early 60`s. Interesting to see all the old buildings such as Coias and the Bank of Scotland.


Shieldhill and Quothquan I wish to say something about Quothquan itself . It is one of the most peculiar place names that I have come across. My examination of the various interpretations of the name ......more


Roberton This is a view of the Mill at Roberton when it was working. The Mill was powered by an overshoot mill wheel. The water supplied from the stream further up. The mill dates to the late 18th/early ......more


Quothquan Law This is a view of Quothquan Law. The top of the Law is divided into two parts - upper and lower. According to Prehistoric and Roman Lanarkshire, there are seven hut platforms in the lower ......more


Wiston Lodge This is a Scott`s view of Wiston Lodge, which was built by the Fergusons. The Fergusons were big in mining and had their main house at Auchinheath. The coal that made their fortune was ......more


Interior of large lounge, Tinto Hotel This is an interesting card sent on 8th August 1916. It actually mentions the war that somebody was going to be out of the trenches. Of course we do not know ......more


Castle Dykes Smithy with Church and Manse, Wiston This is part of the Scott series of postcards. It shows Castle Dykes Smithy which is now an antique centre. Castle Dykes is an interesting place name ......more

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