Gallery of Pictures


Taj Mahal This picture of the Taj Mahal and surrounding areas was taken in 2013. This area has altered a great deal. The purpose of this photo is to show the house behind the Taj Mahal. This is the ......more


Comment by Clydesdales Heritage: Roman Army on the March This is an artists impression of the Roman Army on the march in 1st century A.D. Comment by Duncan Clark: I’ll tell you one thing though! ......more


This weeks presentation is about William Lithgow - Scotland`s greatest traveller of the early 17th century. He covered 18,000 miles on foot. The story of William Lithgow It was a good friend of mine ......more


Trajan`s Column This is a picture taken of Trajan`s Column. Trajan is shown addressing his troops. The picture is valuable as it shows him addressing a group of soldiers. It gives a good idea how Roman soldiers were dressed c.100-110 A.D.


Marcus Aurelius Statue This is a statue to Marcus Aurelius 161-80 A.D. Emperor of Rome. It is the only Roman bronze statue to have survived in Rome. It is amazing that so much of the gilding has survived. ......more


Marcus Aurelius This is a picture from the column of Marcus Aurelius in Rome. It shows the Roman Army campaigning along the Danube. The Romans spent much time on this frontier. Marcus Aurelius spent ......more


Roman Army on the March (2) This picture is courtesy of Peter Connelly. It shows the Tubicen and a legionnaire. The Tubicen was the man with the horn. The legionary is typical of the 1st century A.D. ......more


Market Bar, Lanark These are photos relating to the Old Market Bar which originally had 17th century panelling in it. The structure of the building does suggest a 17th century date and an early one at that.


Sketch of Jerviswood This is a sketch of Jerviswood which was built c.1630 by the Livingston family. Shortly after it was built, it was sold off to the Baillie family. It is the finest preserved building ......more


Rear of Wellgate This is the area where William Lithgow was born in 1582 to James Lithgow and Alison Graham. His father was a merchant burgess in Lanark. Bits of a number of 17th century houses still ......more


The picture of the beams with the numbers on them show how houses were constructed in the days of William Lithgow. The wood that the roofs were made of came from the Baltic. William Lithgow tells us ......more


Jerviswood House This is a view of the Old Jerviswood House which Lugless Will would have known before he left Lanark in 1609. This was the tower house that the Livingstone`s lived in prior to building Jerviswood


Romantic Card This is a nice Romantic Card from Lanark which was sent to Annie McSkimming of Annfield in Kirkmuirhill for her collection. The date of the card is pre 1914 and was produced by BB of London as part of the Lanark "Stile" series.


The Cross, Lanark Found this seventies picture of Lanark published by W. S. Thomson. Interesting to see the pedestrian crossing with Belisha beacons. The Belisha beacons were introduced by Leslie ......more


Black Bull, Wellgate, Lanark This is a real action shot in the Wellgate. Remember my good friend Paul Archibald describing his visits to the Black Bull whilst at Lanark Grammar. There is a sign for ......more


Bannatyne Street, Lanark An excellent view of the old Caledonian Hotel with the Victorian gas light. Further along is the notice for the public bar. Like the prize cow being taken to market, there ......more

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