Gallery of Pictures


This a view inside St Kentigern`s Hope Street as it was being gutted out prior to its conversion into flats and office space. It is difficult now to imagine what it used to be like in the old days.


This interesting portrait used to be at Birkhill before it was sold . It belonged at that time to the Telfer family. This portrait is possibly mid 19th century. Do not know much about it , thus would welcome ......more


This is part of the 19th century monument set up to the Covenanters. Basically the Covenanters were deeply opposed to the fact that the Stuart monarchy wanted to control the way the Protestant Church was ......more


This is a view of the interior of Corra Castle near Corehouse which was built for the Bannatyne family in the late 15th century. At this time the Bannatynes would have to purchase this land from the Tironesian ......more


This is another fireplace but it is on the first floor of Jerviswood house and is much larger than the one in the previous picture. It was the demand for both timber for building and for fuel that led ......more


This is a fine example of one of the fireplaces on the uppermost florr of Jerviswood House near Lanark. This is an ornate fireplace for the 1640`s ; it was at this time that the Livingstoun family had ......more


This is a picture of Lawhead House as it looked in the late 1970`s. It is now in the process of being restored. Forty five years ago it was not in terrible condition but it deteriorated a great deal but ......more


Today I am putting on some old slides that I found, first apologies for the quality but I hope that you find them of interest. The first is of Cairngryffe Iron Age fort . This site however goes back ......more


The Library, Coulter This is another of Coulter Library but in colour. Hope everybody likes this one.


Main Street, Biggar This is a nice view of the Main Street in Biggar. The date of this photograph would be the early 1900`s. Biggar then was a reasonably well off community. None of the children ......more


Coulter Library, near Biggar Last week I put up several pictures of Coulter. I thought that this one that I bought recently might be of interest. It is a nice view of Coulter Library. Many of Clydesdale`s ......more


Harvesting This is another of the Wrench series and it is described as a Wrench card. Also it was photographed by C.R. Reid. Much is going on in this photograph. The corn is being cut with a scythe ......more


Carting home the Corn This is probably another Reid card though it is not attributed to C.R. Reid of Wishaw. It could have been taken by another photographer. However like the other photograph, it ......more


Westport, Lanark This postcard was produced as part of Davidson`s Silver Tone Collection. Anybody know anything about this series? The card itself was posted from Lanark on 12th August, 1922 when the ......more


The Leisure Hour, Garrion Tower, on the Clyde This is a nice view of cattle enjoying themselves near the Clyde. In the background is Garrion Tower, which had at one time connections with the Bishops ......more


Cutting the Corn This shows the process of cutting the corn with a number of pieces of machinery for cutting the corn and then dragging it away to be put on a cart. Like one of the other pictures it ......more

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