Summary of Postcards


This card shows the Lanimer Queen in her carriage in 1913. Her name was Mary Lightbody from Lanark Grammar School. She was crowned by Mrs A. Wilson. The Cornet for that year was Peter MacAuslan. This ......more


This a rather fine entry for the Biggar Gala of 1909. The horse and cart are amazingly well decorated. The gala was probably held on July 26th which is the date given on the back of the card but unfortunately ......more


This is the final Lanimer postcard for this week. It is of Janina McLintock of Kirkfieldbank School who was crowned by Mrs D. Ross in 1959. The Lord Cornet then was William Bryson.


This is a view of the Club House at Carnwath. It was on the South side of the road. The date of the Clubhouse is 1907. It was at this date the course was opened by Lady Lockhart wife of Sir Simon Lockhart ......more


The final one in this mini collection is the Carnwath Fancy Dress parade of 27/7/1907. I wonder if anybody knows why the date was changed?


A collection of early 20th century cards showing the Carnwath Gala. The earliest of these is the 1903 Cycle parade.


This is a picture of an old thatched house which may have been a pottery. The pots are in the window. The location of this old house was near Gormley`s Garage. Date of photo possibly pre 1900. Photo from Jimmy Henderson collection.


This is an interesting card of World War I. This patriotic card was sent in 1915 from Agnes of Westshield to Private James Aitken who was stationed in Egypt.


This is a view of the cross as Carnwath with building behind. The cross base is probably Medieval bu the rest of the cross dates to the early 19th century with distances on it to various places including Edinburgh.


This is a great view of the Cross at Carnwath with the Tolbooth. This view was taken in the mid 1920`s. The Tolbooth which dated back to the early 16th century was demolished in 1929. It was a pity that ......more


This is a card of the early 20th century of Couthally Castle. Not even as much as can be seen in this photograph survives today.


This is a distant view of the original Club House at Carnwath.


The final picture of Carnwath Golf Course is of the original nine hole course. Note the golf course did not include the land near Carnwath House.


This is a view of Carnwath Public School which took all pupils up to the age of 14 before becoming a Primary School. It was built in 1814 with the classrooms om the ground floor originally and the head ......more


This is an interesting comment on football of the 1930`s. It was in 1932 that the first World Cup took place, which was won by Uruguay. In those days long socks were the order of the day plus heavy leather ......more


This is a float showing the Brownies. Possible date late 1920`s/early 1930`s. Photographed at St Leonard`s Street. Photographer unknown.


This is a Brown`s card late 1920`s showing the Girl Guides.


This is another postcard from the 1911 Lanimers showing a float carrying fairies just outside Kildare which in the 19th century was known as Browns Square.


This is a nice card of a Lanimer Float. The title "Peace with Honour" suggests a date of about 1919.


This float dates to 1911. It was sent to a Miss Jean Legg at Gosport. Perhaps there is a naval connection here. B. Purdie who writes the card does not do any real justice to the girls on the float as their ......more


This is a World War I Lanimer card showing a group of children and adults gathered under the watchful eye of William Wallace. The inscription say `Scotland Today is Proud of Her Sons`.


This is the earliest postcard we have in our collection of Lanimer Queens. It is of Jane Baxter from Kirkfieldbank School. She was crowned Queen in 1905 by Mrs Lightbody. In that year Christopher Downie was Lord Cornet.


This card showing the Lanimer Procession in 1905. This card is interesting in that it records that the picture was taken by Rogers and Co at 98 and 100 |High Street, Lanark. It was sent by Bessie to Mr ......more


This is a photograph of Maria Rosa Minchella who was Lanimer Queen in 1907. She came from a prominent local Italian family. At the turn of the 20th century, many Italians came to Britain and open cafes/ice ......more


This is Elizabeth Bryce from Lanark Grammar School who was crowned Lanimer Queen in 1909 by Mrs D. Clark and Walter Crystal was Lord Cornet. Walter was a solicitor in Lanark.


This is a picture of Janet Baxter who was Lanimer Queen in 1911. This photograph was taken by Rogers & Co. She was from Kirkfieldbank and was crowned by Mrs Graham. The Lord Cornet was John Stewart who ......more


This is a Brown picture of Sadie Wilson - Lanimer Queen in 1920. She came from New Lanark School. She was crowned by Mrs P. McAuslin. Th Cornet that year was William Tenant, Solicitor.


This is another Brown card. This time it is of Jessie Dale of New Lanark School crowned by Mrs A. Keith in 1929. The Lord Cornet was Thomas Brown.


This is a more modern card. It dates to 1961 and was produced by Browns of Lanark. It is of Janette Hall of Lanark Grammar who was crowned by Millar Stoddart`s mother, The Lord Cornet was the late Ian Orr, who was a well known pharmacist in Lanark.


This card of the Lanimer Queen c.1950 with various attendants on what looks like a particularly wet day.


This is a Rogers card of 1908 showing Lanimer Queen Mary Steele from Kirkfieldbank and her maids of honour. The hats that they are wearing are particularly striking!


This picture is of Janet Baxter, Lanimer Queen for 1911 with her maids of honour.


This is a pre World War I card dating to 1914. The Queen then was Elizabeth Sweeney of St Mary`s. She was crowned by Mrs W. Wilson and the Lord Cornet was James Jack, Ironmonger.


This is a nice picture done by Brown`s the photographers of Elizabeth Sweeney and her Court. This dates to 1914.


Nothing has altered much in this Brown`s photograph of Lanimer Queen Margaret Clarkson and her maids taken in 1919. The background is not noticeable but the chair is in exactly the same position. The crowning ......more


This card of 1923 shows Queen Christina McMillan of Kirkfieldbank School. She was crowned by Mrs D. Adams and the Cornet that year was William Shaw. What is very unusual is the fact that this photograph ......more


This is yet another Brown card showing for a change the Queen`s Court. The Queen then was Lorna Frood from New Lanark School. She was crowned by Mrs Jean MacAuslan (probably the wife of the owner of the ......more


This card also relates to Lanimer day 1930 but is of two of the maids of honour. Anybody any idea who these girls were?


This is another Brown card, this time from 1948 of Lanimer Queen Margaret Allan of the Grammar School. She was crowned by Mrs J. M. Yuill and the Lord Cornet was J. Millar Stoddart Senior.


This is the final Lanimer postcard for this week. It is of Janina McLintock of Kirkfieldbank School who was crowned by Mrs D. Ross in 1959. The Lord Cornet then was William Bryson.


This is a fairly modern view of Carluke when it had a reasonable shopping centre. This picture was taken in the early 1970`s and it is a valuable piece of social commentary. To think in the past forty ......more


This is a card showing both William Ewart Gladstone and his grandfathers house at Toftcombs. This is one of the cards sent to Miss Hutson at the Store House in Carstairs Junction.


This is an interesting print of St Mary`s, Biggar. It shows quite clearly the difference between the nave and the chancel plus transepts. This print was done in the 1860`s prior to the Victorian alterations. ......more


So that looks like auld Jenny Bogles house was there and the cottage that Norman Ritchie was in but not the Knoll.


This is a picture of the Gladstone Cottage of Mid Toftcombs. It was here in 1759 that John Gladstone, Burgess of Biggar died in 1759. He was the grandfather of William Ewart Gladstone, the famous Liberal ......more


This is a view of Lesmahagow done by Archibald Brown , photographer from Lanark. This card was sent from Lesmahagow in 1904. At that time there was no public park. The house in the picture are quite ......more


Valley of the Clyde This card is interesting as it records the fact that the writer of the card was on his way up to see the launch of the Queen Mary in 1934. This was a significant signal to the British ......more


Tinto This is an unusual view of Tinto from the railway. Tinto has always been a source of interest to the days to the days of the Neolithic period c. 3500 B.C. It was at this period that a cairn was ......more


This is a fine view of Birkwood Castle in Lesmahagow published for J. Young. At one time this Castle had some fine Swiss 16th century glass in it, which had been collected by the McKirdy family. Possibly ......more


St Kentigerns, Lanark. This is a view of St Kentigerns, Lanark which was founded in the late 12th century by the Monks of Dryburgh Abbey. A seal of the Abbey of St Mary`s Dryburgh was found about thirty ......more


This is a view of the West Port which was posted on July 18th 1933. The writer of the card sent separately four stockings to Miss Ruby Aitken of Knowhead, Carluke. The card was produced in the Inter War ......more


This card was produced for John Renton, who was probably the postmaster. The card is pre 1st World War. It shows Crawfordjohn as a community that had changed little from the early 19th century. It was ......more


This is a view of Carstairs Junction Station on April 27th 1913. It is an unusual card in that it shows the demolition of part of the Victorian station. This was a roofed section similar in design to York ......more


This stable was prefabricated and specially erected for the Lanark Yeomanry camp near Douglas West. This photo was taken in 1905 after the Yeomanry had done service in both Boer Wars. The Yeomanry is alleged ......more


This is a multicard of Lanark ; it has many different views of the different attractions of Lanark. It was one of the early cards of this type and is not a great success as the pictures are too dark. This card was sent on July 23rd 1923.


This is a photo of an angler by the Clyde at Abington back in the early 1900`s. This was quite a popular card which was published by the local postmaster M. McKendrick in Abington. There is a monument ......more


This is a nice scene in Abington when there was a bank, post office, petrol station etc.


This is a rather unusual view of Leadhills showing the main square and surrounding buildings. It is interesting to see by the time this photograph was done the roof of the houses were generally slated. ......more


This was produced by the local post office for a man called Murray. It shows Crawford Bowling Green. The Bowling Club stood here till 1950, when it was moved to its present location. It is across the river from Tower Lindsay.


This is a view showing the Free Church of Crawford in the background. The houses are predominately late nineteenth century. Some houses near the Colebrooke Arms are much earlier and date back to the 18th ......more


This is a nice view of Lamington House, home of the Baillie Cochrane family. This house was eventually demolished in the 1950`s. The reason being that the direct line of the Baillie Cochrane family died ......more


This is a view of Crawfordjohn from the West looking towards the Village. The slightly raised piece of ground is the remains of the Motte, which was built in the late 12th century. This feature can still ......more


This is a rather unusual view of Glengonnar House at Abington. It shows the new house built after the fire of 1898. Lord Colebrooke spent a fortune on the house and the entertainment of King Edward VII ......more


This is a rather unusual view of the Public Park at Biggar showing one side of the boating pond. It shows that new bushes and trees had been planted as a screen for the golf course. The picture shows the ......more


This a view of St Mary`s Biggar from the north. This ios an interesting view from the north of the church. It was done for J.B Watson, stationer in Biggar. This was taken before the major restoration of ......more


This is a view of the Cartland Bridge hotel when it was known as Baronald. At the time this picture was taken , it was the home of the Farie family . They had it built in 1889 by Sir J Burnet in the Scottish ......more


This is a view of the now defunct Crawford Golf Course which was at one time was a popular course. There were a number of small golf course that were developed in the early part of the 20th century to cater for the growing tourist market


Falls of Clyde, Cora Linn This is an interesting card in that the message is written round the picture. This was the way it was done in the early years of the 20th century. The back was exclusively ......more


This is a view of Kirkton with a large white building adjoining it. This was built by Thomas Gibson who owned the Whitesaw Tile works near Carluke.Probably built 1890-1910 in the Art Deco style. Carluke/ ......more


This card with the dual views of Kirkton Avenue and Kikrton House was posted in Carluke on July 21st, 1915. It was made for Aikmen, stationers in Carluke. Kirkton House was unfortunately demolished in ......more


This is a distant view of Carnwath Mill. This was dated to the 19th century by a survey done by Canmore n advance of a planned development. That is probably correct for the machinery and some alterations ......more


This is a card signed by Cattaneo , an Italian aviator who flew at Lanark. It is one of a group of signed cards that are of aviators who fly at Lanark. Most of the cards are Lanark related. Cattaneo ......more


This is a view of Stumpy road which led out of the village of Crawfordjohn in the direction of Sanquhar. It was according to the Crawfordjohn Heritage centre called this as there was a tree stump by the ......more


This could have been the fate of one of the old Lowland buses to end up as holiday accommodation by the Clyde. Notice that there is a fine toilet next to it. In the background can be seen the Crawford ......more


The company of W.H Scott did a large number of postcards of Lanarkshire. This is a rarer example of their work indeed I have never seen a copy of this card before. Lady Colebrooke`s workshop is shown on ......more


This is a topical card as it relates to a flood which took away not only the Glespin Bridge but the Jeanfield bridge as well. The writer of the card states that he was not able to get the other flood card ......more


This a picture of Craighead Mill near Lesmahagow. It is thought to be the site of an earlier mill which was built by the Tironesian monks of Lesmahagow Priory. The present building has its origins in the ......more


This is a card commemorating the link between Biggar and William Ewart Gladstone. He was only Prime Minister in History to serve four terms but not consecutively. Starting out as aTory , he became the ......more


This card is an undivided back card which had been made by Archibald Brown of Lanark. The message had to be written on the front as the back was reserved for the address. Thankfully this rule soon vanished. ......more


This is a card from Biggar which was published by Fergus , stationer in the 1920`s. It is a valuable card in many wayss as one can see the Biggar Gas works and its chimney in the background . Also of ......more


This card was probably made pre World War I. It proudly states on the back that it was made in Britain . Pre World War I many of the cards were manufactured in Saxony in Germany. The dating is based on ......more


This a card from the Scott`s series of postcards. I have not seen this one before. It shows some of the Leadminers` cottages near the cemetery . The card dates from 1906 and what it does show is that the ......more


This is a view of Dalserf showing the Church which dates back to the 17th century though in the Churchyard there is the Viking style Hogback stone which dates back to the 10th/11th century. The place name ......more


Doctor Prosody This illustration is one of twenty humorous illustrations done for a book on the imaginary tours of Doctor Prosody. It was written in 1821 and published by Matthew Iley in London. The ......more


This is a view of Corra Lynn which was published by G. Kearsley but drawn by the famous artist Paul Sandby. This view was published in 1778 after one of his trips around Scotland. In 1778 a fair amount ......more


This is a very early view of Smyllum House, which was connected with William Smellie. However the house that he lived in is no longer visible The surviving parts of the building are encased in the present ......more


This is a postcard showing Birkwood in its glory days before the McKirdy family fell on hard times. It was an irony that the last part to be built was the first part to fall down. Unfortunately it was ......more


This is a picture of St Leonards Street. It is probably pre World War I as it is not tarmacked . The card was not produced by any local firm though it does state on the back that it is of British manufacture. ......more


This is a picture of the boat bridge at Thankerton . It was built in the year 1778 and was funded by the county of Lanark to facilitate travel between Lanark and Biggar. Previously there was a boat at ......more


This card is a nice view of the Co-operative Society shop at Auchenheath. This building still exists. The Co-op with its dividend was a useful way of working people to save. The Co-op movement has its origins with Robert Owen in New Lanark.


This is an interesting view of Lesmahagow with its gas works. All medium size communities had their own place for producing coal gas. Many of these survived till the advert of natural gas from the North ......more


This is an old photo taken in the 1970`s of the Symington memorial and miners` cottages at Leadhills. Maybe somebody could comment on any changes that have taken place since then. From what I remember ......more


This is a picture of Captain Cody. He was involved in airplanes from the very beginning of manned flight in Britain. He built the first aircraft for the military at Farnborough, it was not a great success. ......more


Tarbrax This is a view of the shale mining community of Tarbrax. The view was probably taken in the 1920`s. At this stage shale mining was becoming less profitable as the demand for the paraffin was ......more


This is a view of Carstairs Junction of Strawfrank Church looking South. This Church was in part funded by the railway workers employed by the Caledonian Railway Company. Carstairs Junction as the name ......more


This is an interesting view of some of the houses fronting on to the Village Green. Green View is at the Carnwath end of the Village. Just into the picture is the Carstairs Arms Hotel, this was demolished ......more


This is a picture of Lanark Lake before the 1st World War. Lanark Loch was known as Lanark Lake. Lanark Loch was just as popular as it is today but there were opportunities for boating on the Loch. For ......more


Garrion Bridge This is a view of Garrion Bridge and Mill. It is also one of the George Moffat collection. The old bridge in the photograph dates back to 1817. It was a vital connection for the Ayr-Edinburgh ......more


Manse - Crawfordjohn This is another card from the George Moffat collection. This is of the Manse at Crawfordjohn. This house is still standing and chiefly dates back to the nineteenth century. Does ......more


This looks like a Valentine card but it is actually published by C&E Prentice of the Post Office in Symington. The date of this card is about 1940. Not much has changed on the Lanark-Biggar Road.


This is an old card of St Mary`s Church, Lanark, which was constructed to the design of Weightman, Hatfield and Goldie. This took place in 1856-9 as a result of Robert Monteith of Carstairs, a rich industrialist, ......more


High Street Lanark


Maybe somebody from Biggar can enlighten me as to who made this nice painting of the Hogmanay Bonfire at Biggar. This card was sent to Biggar on December 23rd 1907 so it is obviously older than 1907. ......more


St Mary`s Hospital, Lanark was lined up to take casualties from the Lanark Aviation Meeting. Fortunately there were no fatalities and the worst accident was a broken leg. This was the first airshow in ......more


One of the most unusual stories relating to Lanark is that of the Lee Penny. It has been known about for centuries, but few people other than local historians are aware of it. However, in the days of ......more


This is an interesting card issued c.1930/1940 by Valentines of Dundee. In the centre is a view of Carluke with a chimney in the far distance which was the local colliery. The other views include Milton ......more


This is a view of the Blackwood Bowling green. It was printed as part of the City and Wallaten series of cards which were printed in Britain. This card was pre World War 1 as it was posted from Kirkmuirhill ......more


This is a nice card of Lanark Loch with the paddle boats and rowing boats for the more adventurous...