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New Lanark This is an interesting view of New Lanark by a French artist called Pernot. He did a number of views around Lanark for a book about Scotland. This view was lithographed by a man called Jacottet in 1827.


This is another print based on Pernot`s drawings. The lithographic work was done by Sabatier. Maybe this was done in 1827. At this time Francis Alexander Pernot was 34 years old.


Stonebyres Mill This is an interesting close up of the Mill at Stonebyres. I would think that this is quite an early Mill maybe going back to the 17th century. Will have to do some work on this. Need ......more


This is a trip down memory lane when the Ancient Monuments of Clydesdale was published. This was brought out in 1989 when Aileen Logan was Provost. She is in the centre of the photo. I am standing next ......more


Forest`s Map 1819 Here are some interesting details from Forest`s Map of 1819. There is a loch near Hyndford called Cat Loch. Hyndford House belonged to Mr Morrison. The old house near Hyndford Bridge ......more


This picture was created for Valentine`s book of photos of Scottish Places. It was done in the early 1900`s.


Lanark Castle Nice aerial view of Lanark Castle just after the new bowling club premises had been built. Not too the area around the castle was not covered in housing. It is a pity this was allowed ......more


Lanark Castle This is a nice aerial shot of Castlebank Castle. There is an amazing amount of detail in this picture which was taken in 1980. Picture courtesy of the Royal Commission for Ancient Monuments Scotland.


These two views (View 2) of the Southern Uplands were taken about forty years ago . These hills have an amazing amount of Prehistoric forts . They also formed the boundary between England and Scotland ......more




In the foreground of this picture is a bank , this part of a circular structure near Wester Yardhouses. It is one of a fair number of Iron Age houses in the area. Also nearby is a souterrain of the Iron ......more


This is a view of the roof of Vere House , Lanark as it was being demolished. As one can see they were several period of construction and in the background there is a small 17th century style window.


This a view inside St Kentigern`s Hope Street as it was being gutted out prior to its conversion into flats and office space. It is difficult now to imagine what it used to be like in the old days.


This interesting portrait used to be at Birkhill before it was sold . It belonged at that time to the Telfer family. This portrait is possibly mid 19th century. Do not know much about it , thus would welcome ......more


This is part of the 19th century monument set up to the Covenanters. Basically the Covenanters were deeply opposed to the fact that the Stuart monarchy wanted to control the way the Protestant Church was ......more

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